avatarKiet Vo

When I first moved to Philadelphia, I was a fresh college graduate struggling to find his place. A new career, new environment, and total lack of an immediate social circle was tougher to handle than I initially thought. I felt isolated and lost, an outsider to a city that had long established roots. For a long while, it sucked, to say the least. _ Some 14 months ago I was introduced to @novemberprojectphilly by my old teammate @elizmchale, who said "hey, I think you might like this," comparing it to our days at Penn State. _ To say I'm thankful for this group wouldn't be enough. The positivity, stability, friendship, strength, and inspiration the people of NP provided allowed me to start being myself again, to find my own confidence as I transitioned out of school life and immerse myself in a community I've grown to love. The Positivity Award is symbolic of all those attributes and the gratitude I feel to have received it today from my peers cannot be expressed enough. _ Thank you @kcentofanti, @johnanthonycombs, and @chenzo100 for fostering this environment, I can't wait to be a part of where we go next!


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