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Thanks chef Aitor for the wonderful dining experience!!Combining past and present culinary influences on a plate, Basque Kitchen by Aitor presents a repertoire of dishes that pay tribute to classic Basque flavours and produce. Taking pride of place in the restaurant kitchen is an open grill fueled with natural charcoal and Binchotan, which imbues dishes with the robust aromas of smoke and char. A signature dish prepared on the grill is the Txuleta, a dish common in Basque cuisine that favours older, eight-year-old Angus beef cuts over the more widely used 18-month-old beef. After the final touch of grilling over open charcoal, the result is a distinctly red, tender and flavoursome meat. The classic pil pil sauce is emulsified with garlic and thickened with the intriguing addition of collagen made from sous-vide fish skin. This produces a silkier sauce that enhances the overall texture and flavours of traditionally grilled Turbot. Taking its cue from the Japanese gyudon and executed with a modern twist, each component of the Oxtail Bomba Rice is meticulously prepared separately. The oxtail is cooked sous-vide for 12hours before it is combined with onion, mushroom confit, and bomba rice enriched with duck and chicken broth. Truffle and foie gras crumbs add a final flourish to this exceptional dish.@basquekitchenbyaitor #chef @aitortxuchef #basquecuisine #basquecountry #anchovies #kohada #chorizobriochebun #tuna#morel #oxtailbombarice #hake #turbot #txuleta #gastronomy #gastroart #delicious #finedininglovers #fimmedia #fimmedia_sgeats #singapore #latepost


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