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Pulangbato Falls is a fun day trip outside Dumaguete. I drove a motorcycle into the mountains around Valencia. The road passed steaming hydrothermal vents that stunk of sulfur. There’s a “resort” with rock lined pools and two natural waterfalls: one blue, one red. I spent the afternoon making fun slow motion videos. My friend and I jumped into cascades and splashed around like children. I hadn’t planned on visiting Negros, at all. However I’d slipped jumping into a hidden waterfall in rural Cebu. Impact with the water broke two of my ribs :( I was told Dumaguete has good hospitals. I ignored the pain for days to swim with whale sharks in Oslob and finish my sightseeing loop of Cebu Island. I finally took the short ferry ride across the Tanon Strait from Liloan Pier. I only stayed a week in Duma, before flying back to Manila; never having bothered going for an X-ray. I palpated and diagnosed myself. What had me more concerned was coughing up blood clots. After a few days I was sure it wasn’t internal bleeding nor ruptured spleen (or I’d be dead). There’s really no treatment (besides rest) for either a bruised lung or broken ribs. Both healed on their own within a few months... I made several awesome day trips by motorbike around “DumaGetMe”. I went spelunking in the extensive cave system to the north around Mabinay. I chartered my own boat to the Manjuyod Sandbar aka “Philippine Maldives”. Also swam with sea turtles at Apo Island and helped locals haul anchovies in Dauin. BTW, Moalboal’s sardine run has relocated to the beach. With just a mask, weight belt, and fins I waded in every morning to be surrounded by millions of schooling fish. It was so inspiring, I got my PADI freediver certification (waste of money). I “learned” to equalize pressure, hold my breath for 3 minutes, and freedive 15 meters underwater. Makes island hopping day trips less boring. Freaks out snorkelers. Pulangbato Falls Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines #travel #traveler #foreigner #nomad #explorer #wanderlust #wanderer #expat #expatlife #livingabroad #worldtravel #timbuktube #timbuktubephilippines #philippines #dumaguete #negrosoriental #pulangbato #dumagetme


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