Social anxiety comes in many shape and forms and is present in most individuals. It can be as small as having anxiety about chatting to a stranger to more sever phobias like being around people in general. The thing you must understand is that anxiety is caused by thinking. It's not caused by the environment you are in. It's you sitting in your head thinking about all the things that can go wrong. This makes you look tense and less approachable. Being present is one of the first missions you must learn if you want to be able to battle through your anxiety. This is where meditation is vital as it teaches you how to remain present and withdrawal from emotional situations. Only then you can move onto the harder stuff like Cognitive Behavioral therapy. So, I suggest that you looking into mindfulness and meditation. Then if you need further help DM me. Art by @scrazyone1 #lifehacks101 #selfdevelopment #psychology101 #psyc101 #lifehacks #comicbookart #nerdlife #jokermovie #thejoker #jaquinphoenix #heathledger #jacknicolson #dcmemes #comicmemes #dceu #batmandarkknight #darknight #batman2 #batmandarkknight #darknight #batman



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