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Life hack: 1. If you hate Pinterest like I hate Pinterest (I’m sorry but it overwhelms the crap out of me) but you want to find healthy recipes - pick ONE or TWO bloggers or recipe books that align with your goals/diet preferences and have those as your go to. I have been using @kaylieshealthyrecipes for years - she keeps her website updated and adds new recipes all of the time, so there’s a good mix of the staples I go back to and new fun things to try. She’s great for those with a baking heart too. I’ve also recently gotten into @daniellewalker cookbooks - there’s something so fun about using a REAL cookbook! I just made her ‘healing chicken soup’ tonight and my oh my it’s so 🤤😍. I personally find it so much easier to use these two resources, that I know will have recipes that will be tasty and align with my lifestyle & the ingredients I try to avoid, than spending hours scouring Pinterest (I know this is really fun for some people tho 😂). - 2. Add the thieves fruit and veggie spray and the soak to your life!!! I use the spray on my veggies and use the soak for my fruits. Even organic produce can be dirty...think of the process it goes through to get from a farm to your kitchen, how many hands grab your produce at the grocery store examining if they want to take it home/put it back, etc. I’m pretty friggin obsessed with this fruit and veggie cleaner and love seeing my food colors come to life after a good cleaning. - 🗣PS - all thieves is 20% off today #cybermonday 🎉 - #lifehacks #againstallgrain #cleaneating #younglivingessentialoils #organic #natural #wellness

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Thank you! I needed this! I recently started going low carb (due to T1D) and gluten free and Pinterest overwhelms me.